Tom Park Professional Underwater and Landscape Photographer Info

Tom Park is a published underwater and adventure photographer.



Publications and Client List —

Sutherland Shire Tourism Board
BeAlive Adventure Filmmaker
TUSA International Ambassador
OrcaTorch Lighting Ambassador
OCLU Action Camera Ambassador
Apollo DesignScapes Designer Series
Spinnaker Watches
Great Barrier Reef Productions - Cairns
Dive Oahu - Hawaii
Dive Spear and Sport - Sydney

Magazines —

Adventure Magazine - Survival Edition
Adventure Magazine - Summer Edition 2017
Dive Log Australasia Magazine
PADI Blog Contributor
This Adventure Life Magazine Contributor

Conservational Work

Cape Clasp - Shark Conservation
Clean Sea - Ocean/Plastic Conservation

 Publication in Adventure Magazine.

Publication in Adventure Magazine.


Tom combines his background where he was raised by sharks with his passion for photography, creating breathtaking wildlife and landscape images above and below the water. Tom's clients stem from local-owned diving businesses in Hawaii and on the East Coast of Australia, to global corporations such as TUSA International. 

When Tom isn't talking about himself in third person, he loves to work with magazines, where his work has been published in a number of international adventure, travel, and underwater magazines. While he would love to call himself a professional underwater and landscape photographer, Tom would prefer that his images and videos did the talking. 

 Tom also takes world class selfies.

Tom also takes world class selfies.