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Film Gallery

Martin Island’s Seal Colony - 2019

This film was shot for Abyss Scuba Diving for the start of their 2019 ‘Seal Season’ at Martin Island, home to one of NSW’s largest seal colonies.

Coral Sea Dreaming - 2019

This film was shot for luxury scuba operator Coral Sea Dreaming, out on the outer edges of the Coral Sea. Featuring some of the most beautiful diving I’ve ever seen!

Byron Bay - 2019

This is a lighthearted personal project filmed in Byron Bay, Australia. Featuring some beautiful natural landscapes, schooling leopard sharks and refined editing techniques.

Clifton Gardens, Oceans Weirdest Critters - 2019

A short film I created over one dive to promote my local area. Film produced in collaboration with composer Tom Wanless, and published on American Television Right This Minute.

An Arctic Surf Story: Surfing Icelands Winter Solstice - 2018

The most epic expedition I’ve ever embarked on. Film produced for BeAlive Studios and backed by Adventure Magazine.

Scuba Diving - 2018

This film was shot in collaboration with PADI Asia Pacific to encourage ocean lovers to try scuba diving, and complete their Open Water Certification.

Beneath the Sutherland Shire - 2019

This film is the first in a series of 4 films shot for the Sutherland Shire Council to promote underwater tourism in the area. It followed a series of photographs, blogs and magazine publications promoting tourism in the Sutherland Shire.

Switzerland - 2018

An adventure travel personal project filmed in Switzerland.